BrainEx – a financial powerhouse

A financial powerhouse, BrainEx offers panoply of financial services which includes Wealth Management, Corporate Finance seamlessly extending into Research & Advisory and Real Estate Advisory. BrainEx today has stepped in successfully and continuously creating milestone with its impressive presence in all the key business centres in India and abroad. The company is one of the fastest growing ventures with expertise spanning variegated sectors through the four mega group companies with its corporate office in New Delhi.

News & Updates
  • CCEA nod to gas pooling for fertiliser sector
  • CCEA nod to gas pooling for fertiliser sector
  • Slow down! Eight Core Industries growth at 1.4%
  • Fiscal deficit is 4.1% this year as telcos come to the rescue
  • External debt rose 3.5% to $461.9 bn as of Dec-end

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